Where we got our name:

"The 2nd day on the way to the studio for the recording of Junior Year EP, Dan and I were trying to think of a name for my/our 'project.' Dan suggested the name 'Dear John' because of the lyrical content of most of my songs. After Dan reminded me of the origin of the term, I contentfully agreed that the name fits my music very well, so 'Dear John' it was! If you are unfamiliar with this term, it refers back to WWII when many of the American soldiers' girlfriends, fiances and even wives desired relationships with men who were not half way across the world and whose lives were not constantly in peril. These women sent their men a final letter informing them that they were leaving them and, in most cases, finding themselves another suitor back in the States. These infamous letters became known as 'Dear John letters,' and today the term still applies.

My belief and relationship with God is also very evident in my life as well as my maturing song writing ability. If I didn't have the still small voice of God to sustain me, and my family to support me, I don't know how I would have made it through those trying times." - Neil


Our Biography
It all began with Neil’s love of music, a desire to vocalize his heartache and spiritual development, and determination to write songs which would inspire and help others who may relate to his experience. By drawing from influences such as Steven Curtis Chapmin, Dashboard Confessional, MxPx, and Vertical Horizon, he has developed a sound and words that appeal to not only today’s youth but to anyone who listens. In March of 2002, he recorded and released an independent 6-song album called “Junior Year EP” which sold close to 100 copies in the first three days out of his college dorm room at ENC. After recording the drums, bass, guitars and vocals for each track, Neil asked his brother Dan to record a few background guitar and vocal tracks for the album. Their sounds blended well and Dan began enhancing Neil’s songs by adding his own parts to them. In the spring of 2003, Neil and Dan released a full-length album titled “Preparing To Move On” which raised the eyebrows of many record companies, including Vagrant Records, who anticipate a live performance when Dear John is in their area. Alan Kanazawich joined Dear John as the drummer a year and a half ago and brought a great deal of experience to the trio. Alan, who has been involved in a plethora of musical acts, has also brought Dear John his knowledge of music. After Dan moved to CA, Alan became the lead guitarist. After just leaving the studio in February 2005, recording their third studio record - a self titled album - Dear John is excited to share with the world what God has planted in there hearts. Dana Alexander has recently become the bassist for Dear John bringing in over 8 years of musical experience and knowledge. Stephen King has also recently become an addition to Dear John and completes the act on drums. Opening for such acts as Justin McRoberts, of 5 Minute Walks Records, on a number of occasions, performing on the Impromptu Stage at Cornerstone 2002, and having the likes of Mike Herrera, of MxPx, endorse the quality of the music, songwriting and style are just a few of the encouraging facts helping Dear John get established in the music industry. Presently, the band performs a very powerful rock set and based upon their knowledge and years of being onstage, they interact well with the fans. Despite their name, the majority of their songs do not center around lost love but convey a hopeful message for the future through a range of emotions from suffering to healing. Dear John hopes their lyrics and lives reflect what they sing about and their beliefs remain evident.