I Hate Good-byes
its been quite a while, since i saw your face. where did you go from here? what have you done with yourself? are you with someone else? please let me know.
i think about you all the time, and way up in my mind, i can’t let go. i still remember that sad day when i last saw your face; tears start to flow. its been so long. now what went wrong?
when we say "good-bye", it always seems like its forever. with tears in my eyes, we’ll probably meet again, no never. i hate good-byes. i hate good-byes.
this always seems to happen every time i leave. will i see you again? sentimental mentality makes all reality seem oh so sad. its been so long. now what went wrong?
every single thing has changed. since you left, we’re not the same. those days are gone along with time. the choice was yours, then i made mine.
years go by… makes me cry…

Junior Year EP
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and ©2002 Dear John Music

1. I Hate Good-byes 2. Your Love
3. One Walk With You 4. You Made Me Happy
5. Hopeless 6. Setting You Free