You Made Me Happy
walking on the beach with you was fun. holding hands and laughing in the sun. i’ve never felt the same as i had then. and you were happy.
the moment came to make the two of us one. fear came in and made you turn and run. you’ve never felt the same as you had then. but you were happy.
…where did you go? …i’ll never know, what you lost in me.
you always had a way, to make me feel happy. but i’ll never see the day, cuz its only you i see.
what did i say to make you turn away? maybe its because i’m too ugly. my day revolved around your smiling face. it made me happy.
now i’m lost inside my selfish dreams. you came in like a knife and ripped my seams. aversely through my tears a smile beams you made me happy.

Junior Year EP
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and ©2002 Dear John Music

1. I Hate Good-byes 2. Your Love
3. One Walk With You 4. You Made Me Happy
5. Hopeless 6. Setting You Free