i'll search to find some place. away from here, i need some space. distracted from encouragement, where no one knows or sees my pain.
secluded here, all by myself. exhausted now, with no one's help but mine. a comfort zone; sad enough with tears. this is where i've been for all these years.
oh...wake me up, take my hand, bring me out...of here. build me up, rescue me. God, i need you.
i keep it to myself when i am here. please don't come near me now, while i shed these tears. with every breath i breathe, and all this shame i keep. why did i wake up today? hopeless is my name.
everytime a storm hits down on me, I seem to fall below my feet, i die. taking things into my own hands I fail..."take this from me!"

Junior Year EP
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and ©2002 Dear John Music

1. I Hate Good-byes 2. Your Love
3. One Walk With You 4. You Made Me Happy
5. Hopeless 6. Setting You Free