You don’t have to go, I think you wanna stay / You have nowhere to go, stop running from the pain / You can face the darkness with me by your side / The world is telling you to run and hide and that’s why... I want you to know / That life has so much more to show / We will leave this world behind you / You will leave this pain that haunts you / I wish you wouldn’t leave, I have so much to say / I wish you would believe, it’s not so hard to pray / Don’t be so blind (cataracts have covered you) / Open up your mind (we’ll see this through) / The dark is creeping in around me / This world is full of sin it surrounds me / Please take me from this night and save me / And take me to the light ... to the light...

Dear John
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2005, 2003 or 2002 Dear John Music

1. The Rock Way or the Highway 2. Time to Fly 3. Departing Peace at Nightfall 4. 15
5. A Journey Through the Darkness 6. Accept the Light 7. Dear John
8. Lost For Words
9. I'm With You 10. Our Last Time 11. The Long Way Home 12. Setting You Free
13. I'm Still Fine