You’re leaving home today / Your mindset; come what may. / You’ve been waiting for the strength to go so very long / Time will tell the skeptics were so very wrong / You have yet to answer why and how / There’s no better time than now. / Forget about today, forget about the way and give it everything! /
You’ve straightened out the bends / You’re cutting off your loose ends / Don’t let your circumstances hold you back again / Open up and let the confidence rush in / You have yet to answer how and why / There’s no better time to fly / Now its time for you to fly or your dreams will die

Dear John
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2005, 2003 or 2002 Dear John Music

1. The Rock Way or the Highway 2. Time to Fly 3. Departing Peace at Nightfall 4. 15
5. A Journey Through the Darkness 6. Accept the Light 7. Dear John
8. Lost For Words
9. I'm With You 10. Our Last Time 11. The Long Way Home 12. Setting You Free
13. I'm Still Fine