Thinking of you, the beam from your face beats down / Imagining you, the elegance as you spin ‘round / I’m at a loss for words, of how I feel for you / And the whistling of these birds, is my song to you / And that’s the truth / My heart was made for you? and every beat it makes, I feel you / Hearing your voice, makes everything else sound dull / Watching your grace, the endless beauty overflows / I’m at a loss for words, of how I feel for you / I can’t write another verse, I’ll just have to show you / That will be proof / I am lost for words... this truly means everything, I love you

Dear John
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2005, 2003 or 2002 Dear John Music

1. The Rock Way or the Highway 2. Time to Fly 3. Departing Peace at Nightfall 4. 15
5. A Journey Through the Darkness 6. Accept the Light 7. Dear John
8. Lost For Words
9. I'm With You 10. Our Last Time 11. The Long Way Home 12. Setting You Free
13. I'm Still Fine