Burning Bridges
From here to there, I walk in despair; from the looks you gave me. Well you don’t care. Your feelings—bare. Except for the grudge you have on me. Hatred is our wall of silence. It keeps control of verbal violence. You’d rather never known or met me, than feel the pain of our bad history. Your ignorance, No benevolence; have left cataracts in your eyes. For ever on you’ll wish me gone and believe your self-told lies. No one wants a trampled path behind them, which then makes looking forward seem all dark and grim. But we all want everyone to like us; the bridges that you burn can make you ache within.
Preparing To Move On...
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2002 or 2003 Dear John Music

1. Every Inch 2. Our Last Time
3. This Pose of Regression 4. Burning Bridges
5. Where You Are 6. Touchy Subject
7. It Never Fails 8. What Your Life Means to Me
9. You Made Me Happy 10. I'll Be Fine