Where You Are
Swallowed whole…almost every last ounce of your dignity. Choking on the last of it; praying for serenity. You can search a life time, but you’ll never find it. Just listen close, I know He’s calling (you). You can wait on my time, I would never mind it. Hear me out, I know He’s calling you. There you are. Covering a hole to bury your self deep inside. Where you are; its torture, pain and misery that you could never hide. Where you are. Giving up…on everything you live for…A sulky disarray. Chiseling your confidence; scraping what can not decay. You are not quite finding, what it means to live. Just listen close, I know He’s calling. You are not done finding, what you need to give. Hear me out, I know He’s calling you. You may feel that you’re alone, neglected by your own. A barren soul without a home…these desperate measures plead for peace. You’ve given up everything. You fail to feel that life is worth living. He’ll always give you another chance. You should never take a second glance away.
Preparing To Move On...
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2002 or 2003 Dear John Music

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