It Never Fails
Taken out again, I left myself wide open. You came right in; I knew that I’d be broken. But every time, I try so hard to get it right. Am I wasting my time, I‘d better wake up one day and see the light. It never fails… Why did you come in, if you didn’t plan on staying? My heart looks like a game; again I’m short of winning. Its every time, I never seem to get it right. I am wasting time? I know I’ll never see the light. It never fails… Why do I try so hard, only just to get so far? I know I’ll never learn because my heart can’t help but yearn for you… Can’t we be best friends, Is all I here from you now. That’s how it always ends, and yet it seems like several years now. And every time, you come back after oh so long. You were wasting time, I’m a sucker for you, don’t think I’m gone. It never fails…
Preparing To Move On...
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2002 or 2003 Dear John Music

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