This Pose of Regression
Why can’t this fog ever leave the skies? Why don’t these drops ever leave my eyes? This endless sensation…It’s burning. This pouring commotion is old. Why can’t I wipe them away forever on my own endeavor to be dry. Why can’t I wipe them away forever from my face. I’m weathered. It seems I’m on repeat; it never ends. This view is so cloudy. Let’s change the lens. Monotonous feelings…I’m learning. This pose of regression is cold. Turning to You will change things. Changing my view should make things clear, from last year.

Preparing To Move On...
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2002 or 2003 Dear John Music

1. Every Inch 2. Our Last Time
3. This Pose of Regression 4. Burning Bridges
5. Where You Are 6. Touchy Subject
7. It Never Fails 8. What Your Life Means to Me
9. You Made Me Happy 10. I'll Be Fine