I'll Be Fine
Away from you is like a heart without a beat. Emptiness takes over me. This much is true; my solemn veins pump into auto-flow. Time slips away without me. But then I opened up my eyes and saw you happier outside. As long as that’s the truth, I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I still get sad when I think of what we had. You said you lost your hope in me. I begin to feel sorry for myself and now your heart has gone to someone else. You slipped away from me. You always smile now away. You laugh a lot, what can I say? As long as that’s the truth, I’ll be fine…away from you.
Preparing To Move On...
All lyrics are written by Neil Eash and © 2002 or 2003 Dear John Music

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7. It Never Fails 8. What Your Life Means to Me
9. You Made Me Happy 10. I'll Be Fine